clementineClementine Libre. I love working with the Raw Living Expo because I find that I’m always surrounded by my spiritual family. All of the people involved in this event, from the creators, to presenters, speakers, educators, sponsors, exhibitors and attendees are so tapped in and aligned with the greater good that it is like a reunion of souls all gathering for the purposes of stewardship and giving back, and that is exactly the kind of work I am called to do. We’ve all been called together for a greater purpose and we feel that. We’re all there, with our appreciation spreading outward to uplift and empower one another, to learn and to grow and to show the world the new paradigm of business and co-creation in action, which comes from the space of cooperation rather than competition. I’m so grateful to have been blessed with the posi-ttraction that has allowed this relationship to be part of a most joyous experience! My passion is to educate people on conscious consumerism and what better way to start than raw foods? Consumerism isn’t only about what products you support with your energy in the form of dollars but it is also about what thoughts you consume, what beliefs you test drive and how aware you are of your every action and the rippling effects that they have in the experience of the whole. Raw foods is the fastest way I’ve seen for people to really get this.

We have to start somewhere, and starting with something that many of us do at least three times a day is a great place! It isn’t long before we notice we’re creating more recycling than trash… more compost than recycling… hey! Doesn’t that feel great? Then we become inspired to take the journey to the next level in our own unique way, which is how the Raw Living Expo is even possible, because so many amazing people have unleashed their creativity and opened up and shared their unique gifts with the world. I continue to share by offering wellness coaching, consciousness work, creating educational presentations for schools, being part of amazing events like the Raw Living Expo and Best of Raw, being involved in leading edge communities like the Panacea Community and offering my gifts and services wherever I’m inspired to.


HavaRadioMixtress Hava is living la vida lovely in Sedona, AZ with her 14-year-old wonder son Connor Merlin and thrilled to be a part of the Raw Living Expo and Best of Raw team.

Being Social Media Director keeps her up to date on all the goings on in the world of health and wellness and continually inspired to maintain a raw vegan lifestyle, not just for radiant health, happiness and youngevity (which all naturally come with the green territory) but to be a source of loving support for Mama Gaia and all her great creatures with simple living, compassion and as light an eco-print as possible.

She looks forward to seeing you at the Expo and setting your hips and hearts aglow on the dance floor at the afterparty!


laura-fox-rle-14-3Laura Chiraya Fox. Founder of Best of Raw, Raw Living Expo, the 13-Tribes model, Activate Your Destiny, and Resonance Fest, Laura is a visionary leader, healer, author, seer and plant based raw foods nutrition advocate.

Laura has a personal mission to nurture a global ecological, social, health and spiritual maturation process through techniques and atools of “subtle activism” and powerful events such as the Raw Living Expo and the annual Best of Raw Awards.

Through Raw Living Expo and Best of Raw, Laura and her outstanding team promote raw foods educators, manufacturers, media, retreat centers, stores and more, creating a powerful “force for nutritional good” to help people around the world upgrade their diet by adding more raw, organic, and hopefully local, plant foods. She is a strong advocate of a plant based diet for personal health, environmental revitalization and for the love of animals.

Laura works with groups and individuals to clear the “overlays” of consciousness – the waxy build-up from aeons of human experience – so that the true essential nature of a person, a group or a community can emerge to shine fully and share its true gifts, fulfilling its dharma destiny mission with great joy.

Laura is also co-host of Raw Living Interviews, the initiator of the projects to create standards in the raw foods industry and a trade association for the raw foods movement, as well as her company Activate Your Destiny through which she offers personal growth, spiritual healing and inspirational guidance.